An Application of Fault Tolerance Patterns and Coordinated Atomic Actions to a Problem in Railway Scheduling

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  2. Professor Brian Randell
  3. Professor Alexander Romanovsky
  4. Dr Charles Snow
  5. Dr Robert Stroud
Author(s)Randell B, Beder DM, Romanovsky A, Snow CR, Stroud RJ
Publication type Article
JournalOperating Systems Review
ISSN (print)0163-5980
ISSN (electronic)1943-586X
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Developing and applying advanced approaches for system structuring is vital for fighting ever-increasing complexity of modern and future software systems. The concept of Coordinated Atomic (CA) actions has been developed at Newcastle University for designing and structuring complex concurrent and distributed applications. Certain successful experience has been gained in applying them in several application areas. The purpose of the research, some initial results of which we report here, is twofold: to show how CA actions can be used in a new application area (a railway control system) and to analyse how the design patterns which have been developed using our previous experience can help in designing such system using CA actions.
PublisherACM Press
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