Transgene integration, organization and interaction in plants

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  2. Dr Ajay Kohli
Author(s)Kohli A; Twyman RM; Abranches A; Wegel E; Christou P; Stoger E
Publication type Article
JournalPlant Molecular Biology
ISSN (print)0167-4412
ISSN (electronic)1573-5028
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It has been appreciated for many years that the structure of a transgene locus can have a major influence on the level and stability of transgene expression. Until recently, however, it has been common practice to discard plant lines with poor or unstable expression levels in favor of those with practical uses. In the last few years, an increasing number of experiments have been carried out with the primary aim of characterizing transgene loci and studying the fundamental links between locus structure and expression. Cereals have been at the forefront of this research because molecular, genetic and cytogenetic analysis can be carried out in parallel to examine transgene loci in detail. This review discusses what is known about the structure and organization of transgene loci in cereals, both at the molecular and cytogenetic levels. In the latter case, important links are beginning to be revealed between higher order locus organization, nuclear architecture, chromatin structure and transgene expression.
PublisherSpringer Netherlands
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