Decision Support for Intelligent Traffic and Environment Management

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  2. Michael Bell
  3. Dr Fabio Galatioto
  4. Professor Paul Watson
Author(s)Bell M, Suresh L, Galatioto F, Watson P
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name16th ITS World Congress
Conference LocationStockholm, Sweden
Year of Conference2009
Legacy Date21-25 September 2009
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ITS is fundamental to safe, efficient, control and management of people, vehicles and transport systems and plays an important role in addressing environmental impacts. Recent advances in intelligent pervasive technologies provide a wealth of static and dynamic data which complement legacy ITS systems. There is significant value-added in the integration of existing and emerging technologies especially if achieved across jurisdictional boundaries. However, there are considerable challenges to realise the rewards of integration particularly in real-time. This paper offers an e-science solution providing insight into the delivery of a real-time data management platform for both monitored and modelled sources.
NotesPaper no. 3888.