A Spectrum of Deadlock-Avoidance Strategies

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Author(s)Haberrmann AN
Publication type Report
Series TitleComputing Laboratory Technical Report Series
Report Number53
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Application of a deadlock-avoidance strategy can be profitable if the number of resources actually in use is less than the number claimed. Most of the system overhead introduced by such a strategy is in the allocation safety test, because this test is applied every time a resource is requested. It is shown in this report that deadlock-avoidance strategies range from most conservative to most permissive with interesting alternative strategies in between. It seems that a strategy close to the conservative policy is adequate for many resource allocation systems. Such a policy has the advantage of a simple safety test whcih requires only a fixed (and very small) number add-and-test operations.
InstitutionComputing Laboratory, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Place PublishedNewcastle upon Tyne
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