Software Monitoring of UNIX Systems

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  2. Emeritus Professor Isi Mitrani
  3. Dr Terry Betteridge
Author(s)Montaser-Kohsari A, Mitrani I, Betteridge T
Publication type Report
Series TitleComputing Laboratory Technical Report Series
Report Number215
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The structure and application of a software package for monitoring the performance of a Unix system at the kernel call level is described. That package, referred to as MOLLUSC, can be used both in an isolated Unix system and in a distributed environment such as the one provided by the Newcastle Connection. It enables the user to collect and analyse statistics about the local and/or remote kernel calls issued by one or more programs, running in parallel or in sequence. The results of several monitoring experiments where MOLLUSC was used to study the usage distribution of various kernel calls and their performance under different conditions are reported.
InstitutionComputing Laboratory, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Place PublishedNewcastle upon Tyne
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