Real-time Interactions: An Abstract Notation for Specifying and Analysing the Timing Properties of Real-time Systems

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  2. Neil Henderson
  3. Dr Stephen Paynter
Author(s)Henderson N, Paynter S
Publication type Report
Series TitleSchool of Computing Science Technical Report Series
Source Publication DateMarch 2006
Report Number950
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It is difficult to characterise, and analyse the consistency of, the temporal requirements of real-time systems. This paper describes a notation, called Real-time Interactions, which supports the description of abstract system models and their timing constraints early in the development process. A semantics for the notations is given in CSP enabling system properties to be explored using the FDR2 model checker. The utility of the notations has been demonstrated by model checking properties of a fragment of a design of an air launched missile system.
InstitutionSchool of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Place PublishedNewcastle upon Tyne
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