Probabilistic Aspects of Flash Filestores

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  2. Dr Zoe Andrews
Author(s)Andrews Z, McIver A, Meinicke L, Morgan C
Publication type Report
Series TitleSchool of Computing Science Technical Report Series
Source Publication DateMay 2010
Report Number1202
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Flash filestores have a variety of unique features that lead to interesting design constraints. One challenge is that of ensuring that each block of the drive is used and erased evenly, known as "wear-levelling". This paper presents a novel approach to the analysis of wear-levelling algorithms using probabilistic specification and analysis techniques. A simplified version of the wear-levelling algorithm used in the JFFS flash filestore is used as an illustration. The expected lifetime of a flash filestore implementing such an algorithm is derived using probabilistic proof techniques.
InstitutionSchool of Computing Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Place PublishedNewcastle upon Tyne
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