Piezoelectric Modelling for an Impact Actuator

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  2. Dr Michele Pozzi
Author(s)Pozzi M; King T
Publication type Article
ISSN (print)0957-4158
ISSN (electronic)1873-4006
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Amplification techniques for piezoelectric actuation are briefly reviewed and an unlatching impact piezo-actuator then proposed. In such a device, a piezoelectric multilayer has the function of imparting kinetic energy to a mass connected to an unlatching mechanism. In order to gather information necessary for the design phase, a Matlab Simulink model of a piezoelectric multilayer was developed. It focuses on the dynamic response of multilayers excited with a voltage-step in different conditions. The model is put to test in several different situations and shown to give satisfactory results. Then the model is used to predict the performance and working conditions of a multilayer in hypothetical conditions in order to find the best operating parameters. It is found that fine tuning of a few electronic components can lead to considerably improved performance.
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