Design and Evaluation of a Wide-Area Distributed Shared Memory Middleware

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  2. Michele Mazzucco
  3. Dr Graham Morgan
Author(s)Mazzucco M, Morgan G, Panzieri F
Publication type Report
Series Title
Legacy DateJuly 2007
Report NumberUBLCS-2007-19
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This paper describes the design, implementation and experimental evaluation of an object-based Distributed Shared Memory middleware system. That system is unique among the existing DSMs as it structures the entire distributed system into small, completely independent subsystems; it enables the interaction among nodes belonging to the same subsystem, only, and allows processes to migrate dynamically between subsystems. The resulting implementation allows one to construct event-based distributed systems using a simple programming model; thus, applications can be deployed in any environment as neither hardware or software assumptions are made, nor reliable channels are required.
InstitutionDepartment of Computer Science, University of Bologna
Place PublishedBologna, Italy
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