The cultural politics of justice: Bakhtin, stand-up comedy and post-9/11 securitization

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  2. Professor Elaine Campbell
Author(s)Campbell E
Publication type Article
JournalTheoretical Criminology
ISSN (print)1362-4806
ISSN (electronic)1461-7439
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For Rabelais, `folk humour’ and its boundless forms are far from frivolous, inconsequential aspects of the human condition, but are central to modes of critique and the formation of discourses which seek radical cultural transformation by evading, exposing, resisting, scandalizing and mocking `official culture’. This paper explores the abstract notion of `justice’ through the lens of `folk humour’ – specifically, stand-up comedy which references securitisation in the post-9/11 period - taking its cue from Bakhtin’s exposition of the grotesque realism of the Rabelaisian novel. In so doing, the paper calls into question Habermasian discourse ethics, and proposes a model of ‘doing justice’ predicated on Bakhtinian dialogism.
PublisherSage Publications Ltd
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