Innovative Concepts for Knowledge Exchange, Mobility and Expertise in Rail Freight and Logistics

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  2. Dr Marin Marinov
  3. Tom Zunder
  4. Dr Jorn Schlingensiepen
Author(s)Marinov M, Zunder T, Schlingensiepen J, Ricci S, Karagyozov K, Razmov T, Dzhaleva-Chonkova A
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference NameHighlight 2010: Sustainable Development in Logistics (ICLEEE) International Conference of Logistics, Economics and Environmental Engineering
Conference LocationMaribor, Slovenia
Year of Conference2010
Source Publication Date19th November 2010
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This paper aims to provide an overview of a Rail Freight and Logistics curriculum development project co-funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Commission. The main objective of this project is to develop master courses on rail freight and logistics. The courses will be compatible to allow for students to do some of their modules at one of the other universities. For both simplicity and the proposes of this paper we shall call it “the project” The project incorporates innovative concepts for knowledge exchange, mobility and expertise in rail freight and logistics education and continuous learning; discussion of which is presented in this paper. The paper also calls upon rail freight and logistics professors and assistants, fellow researches, policy and decision makers, and stakeholders to liaise with the project team and assist in better understanding the current and future needs for rail freight and logistics higher education, training and promotion.
PublisherVocational College of Traffic and Transport