Runoff management during the September 2008 floods in the Belford catchment, Northumberland

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  2. Dr Mark Wilkinson
  3. Dr Paul Quinn
Author(s)Wilkinson ME, Quinn PF, Welton P
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Flood Risk Management
ISSN (electronic)1753-318X
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On the 5–6th September 2008 prolonged rainfall in the north east of England resulted in flooding in many towns. Belford lies within this region and has a history of flooding but on this occasion flooding was minimal. Numerous houses and businesses are at flood risk but traditional flood defence measures are not considered to be cost effective. In the year prior to the storm a series of runoff attenuation features had been developed in the Belford catchment (∼6 km2) as part of Farm Integrated Runoff Management (FIRM) plans. Water level data from the stream and pilot feature indicated the effectiveness of the feature in storing and slowing runoff during the September 2008 storm. This data indicated that the pilot feature held runoff for approximately eight hours. The effect this had on the travel time of the peak was significant: it increased from 20 to 35 minutes.
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