'Towards the resilient region?: Policy activism and peripheral region development'

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  2. Dr Stuart Dawley
  3. Professor Andy Pike
  4. Professor John Tomaney
Author(s)Dawley S, Pike A, Tomaney J
Series Editor(s)Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC)
Publication type Report
TypeSERC Discussion Paper Series
Series TitleSERC Discussion Papers
Source Publication DateSeptember 2010
Report NumberSERCDP0053
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Discussions of local and regional development have recently broadened from a preoccupation with growth to one which captures the notion of resilience. This paper makes two main contributions to these debates. First, the paper critiques static equilibrium-based notions of resilience and instead advances a more dynamic evolutionary approach to explain local and regional resilience. Second, we seek to address the widening gap between resilience thinking and its transfer to practical policy prescription. To do this, we explore the notions of adaptability, adaptive capacity and new path creation in developing local and regional resilience. We then focus upon what this might mean for local and regional strategies and draw on the case study of the Renewable Energy sector in North East England to demonstrate the enduring role of policy intervention in stimulating change and building resilience in peripheral regions.
InstitutionSpatial Economics Research Centre (SERC); London School of Economics
Place PublishedLondon
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