Re-Mixing Digital Economies in the Voluntary Community Sector? Governing Identity Information and Information Sharing in the Mixed Economy of Care for Children and Young People

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  2. Professor Rob Wilson
  3. Professor Mike Martin
  4. Sarah Walsh
  5. Dr Paul Richter
Author(s)Wilson R, Martin M, Walsh S, Richter P
Publication type Article
JournalSocial Policy and Society
ISSN (print)1474-7464
ISSN (electronic)1475-3073
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This article critically examines the governance of identity in the context of children's social care. There is widespread confidence in government policy and technical practice that information can be integrated across organisations and sectors. This paper questions these assumptions using a case study (‘Mary’s Story”). It draws on a range of insights from the philosophy of Charles Pierce, information systems practice and social theory. This provides a platform to explore the governance of identity information for VCS organisations, service providers, and user(s). The logics of the governance of identity information in current and future service co-ordination and delivery are examined.
PublisherCambridge University Press
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