The Spatial-Functional Coupling of Box C/D and C'/D' RNPs Is an Evolutionarily Conserved Feature of the Eukaryotic Box C/D snoRNP Nucleotide Modification Complex

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Author(s)Qu G, van Nues RW, Watkins NJ, Maxwell ES
Publication type Article
JournalMolecular and Cellular Biology
ISSN (print)0270-7306
ISSN (electronic)1098-5549
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Box C/D ribonucleoprotein particles guide the 2'-O-ribose methylation of target nucleotides in both archaeal and eukaryotic RNAs. These complexes contain two functional centers, assembled around the C/D and C'/D' motifs in the box C/D RNA. The C/D and C'/D' RNPs of the archaeal sRNP are spatially and functionally coupled. Here we show that similar coupling also occurs in eukaryotic box C/D snoRNPs. The C/D RNP guided 2'-O-methylation when the C'/D' motif was either mutated or ablated. In contrast, the C'/D' RNP was inactive as an independent complex. Additional experiments demonstrated that the internal C'/D' RNP is spatially coupled to the terminal box C/D complex. Pull-down experiments also indicated that all four core proteins are independently recruited to the box C/D and C'/D' motifs. Therefore, the spatial and functional coupling of box C/D and C'/D' RNPs are evolutionarily conserved features of both archaeal and eukaryotic box C/D RNP complexes.
PublisherAmerican Society for Microbiology
PubMed id 21041475
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