Fluoride and bone cancer: Is there a link? Small-area analyses of primary bone cancer in 0-49-year-olds in Great Britain, 1980-2005 [abstract]

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  2. Karen Blakey
  3. Richard Feltbower
  4. Dr Peter James
  5. Dr Basilio Gomez-Pozo
  6. Emeritus Professor Sir Craft
  7. Dr Richard McNally
Author(s)Blakey K, Feltbower RG, Parslow RC, James PW, Gomez-Pozo B, Stiller C, Vincent TJ, Norman P, McKinney PA, Murphy MF, Craft AW, McNally RJQ
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health
IssueSupplement 1
PagesA2 abstract no. 004
ISSN (print)0143-005X
ISSN (electronic)1470-2738
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PublisherBMJ Group
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