Anonymous voting by two-round public discussion

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  2. Dr Feng Hao
  3. Professor Peter Ryan
Author(s)Hao F, Ryan PYA, Zieliński P
Publication type Article
JournalIET Information Security
ISSN (print)1751-8709
ISSN (electronic)1751-8717
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In 2006, Hao and Zieliński proposed a two-round anonymous veto protocol (called AV-net), which provided exceptional efficiency compared to related techniques. In this study, the authors add a self-tallying function to the AV-net, making it a general-purpose voting protocol. The new protocol works in the same setting as the AV-net: it requires no trusted third parties or private channels, and participants execute the protocol by sending two-round public messages. Compared with related voting protocols in past work, this is significantly more efficient in terms of the number of rounds, computational cost and bandwidth usage.
PublisherInstitution of Engineering and Technology
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