Long-Term Blocking of Calcium Channels in mdx Mice Results in Differential Effects on Heart and Skeletal Muscle

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  2. Dr Louise Jorgensen
  3. Dr Alison Blain
  4. Liz Greally
  5. Dr Steven Laval
  6. Professor Andrew Blamire
  7. Dr Benjamin Davison
  8. Dr Guy MacGowan
  9. Professor Katherine Bushby
  10. Professor Volker Straub
  11. Professor Hanns Lochmuller
Author(s)Jørgensen LH, Blain A, Greally E, Laval SH, Blamire AM, Davison BJ, Brinkmeier H, Macgowan GA, Schrøder HD, Bushby K, Straub V, Lochmüller H
Publication type Article
JournalAmerican Journal of Pathology
ISSN (print)0002-9440
ISSN (electronic)1525-2191
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PublisherAmerican Society for Investigative Pathology
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