A founder mutation in Anoctamin 5 is a major cause of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy

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  2. Dr Debbie Hicks
  3. Dr Anna Sarkozy
  4. Dr Nuria Muelas Gomez
  5. Dr Gavin Hudson
  6. Professor Patrick Chinnery
  7. Dr Rita Barresi
  8. Dr Michelle Eagle
  9. Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
  10. Dr James Miller
  11. Dr Steven Laval
  12. Professor Volker Straub
  13. Professor Hanns Lochmuller
  14. Professor Katherine Bushby
Author(s)Hicks D, Sarkozy A, Muelas N, Koehler K, Huebner A, Hudson G, Chinnery PF, Barresi R, Eagle M, Polvikoski T, Bailey G, Miller J, Radunovic A, Hughes PJ, Roberts R, Krause S, Walter MC, Laval SH, Straub V, Lochmuller H, Bushby K
Publication type Article
ISSN (print)0006-8950
ISSN (electronic)1460-2156
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PublisherOxford University Press
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