Public and private agri-environmental regulation in post-socialist economies: evidence from the Serbian Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Sector

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  2. Professor Matthew Gorton
  3. Professor Philip Lowe
  4. Professor Stephen Quarrie
Author(s)Gorton M, Zaric V, Lowe P, Quarrie S
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Rural Studies
ISSN (print)0743-0167
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Using primary survey data and interview evidence this paper analyses the implementation and enforcement of public and private environmental regulation in the Serbian Fresh Fruit and Vegetable (FFV) sector. This provides a basis for engaging in a wider debate on the nature of agri-food regulation in post-socialist economies. Depictions of the restructuring of agri-food supply chains as a shift from public to private regulation are rejected. Rather two distinct supply chains co-exist: a small number of export oriented producers operate subject to extensive private regulation while the majority of FFV farmers occupy regulatory voids, immune to both private and private control. Those farmers operating under extensive private regulation are more likely to obey appropriate public regulation. Findings highlight the differentiated nature of regulatory regimes that can co-exist within a national production sector
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