The New Reynell Developmental Language Scales

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  2. Dr Carolyn Letts
Creator(s)Edwards S, Letts CA, Sinka I
Publication type Device/Product
Legacy DateApril 2011
DescriptionLanguage assessment toolkit
Product CodeISBN: 9780708720578/N0078
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The New Reynell Developmental Language Scales (NRDLS) is the fourth edition of a well known assessment of child language which has been widely used by clinicians and researchers since the first edition appeared in 1969. The Scales have been developed to assess language in clinical and research contexts. The scores provided by the test are based on the performance of a large, typically developing cohort of children aged between 2 years (2;0) and 7 years 6 months (7;6), with data collected 2009-10. As in previous editions, the materials are attractive, the procedures enjoyable and administration is straightforward.
Place ProducedLondon
NotesComplete set contains: Test Manual; Multilingual Toolkit Manual; Picture Book 1 - Comprehension; Picture Book 2 - Production; Stimulus Materials; 25 Record Forms
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