Der Auferstandene im Dialog mit den Frauen. Die Erscheinungen Christi in den Andachtsbüchern des Klosters Medingen

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  2. Professor Henrike Laehnemann
Author(s)Lähnemann H
Editor(s)Koldau, L.M.
Publication type Book Chapter
Book TitlePassion und Ostern in den Lüneburger Klöstern
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This is part of a volume of papers commissioned to showcase the cultural, artistic and literary heritage of the Lüneburg convents (Wienhausen, Medingen, Ebstorf, Lüne). The paper deals with a central topic of the meditations and illustrations in the manuscripts from Medingen convent, the encounter with the risen Christ. In comparison with liturgy, Latin sources and artefacts from the neighbouring convents it is shown how the biblical and apocryphal 'Apparitiones Christi' work as a devotional model which allows the nuns to become witnesses of the resurrection.
PublisherVerlag Kloster Ebstorf
Place PublishedEbstorf
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