One-component bimetallic aluminium(salen)-based catalysts for cyclic carbonate synthesis and their immobilization

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  2. Dr Jaisiel Melendez
  3. Professor Michael North
  4. Dr Pedro Villuendas
  5. Dr Carl Young
Author(s)Meléndez J, North M, Villuendas P, Young C
Publication type Article
JournalDalton Transactions
ISSN (print)1477-9226
ISSN (electronic)1477-9234
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The development of one-component, bimetallic m-oxoaluminium(salen) complexes as highly active catalysts for the synthesis of cyclic carbonates from terminal epoxides is described. The resulting homogeneous catalysts are used in batch reactions at room temperature and one atmosphere pressure. The catalysts have also been immobilized onto various support materials and used in either batch reactions or gas-phase flow reactions with ethylene and propylene oxides. Catalyst lifetime, deactivation and reactivation have been studied in both batch and flow reactions, and it has been shown that of the impurities present in power station flue gas, only sulfur trioxide deactivates the catalyst and at the concentrations of sulfur trioxide present in flue gas, this deactivation would require more than one years exposure of the catalyst to flue gas.
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
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