Concordia persanctae dilectionis. Freundschaft als literarisches Modell in der Aurelius-Vita Willirams von Ebersberg

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  2. Professor Henrike Laehnemann
Author(s)Lähnemann H
Publication type Article
JournalOxford German Studies
ISSN (print)0078-7191
ISSN (electronic)1745-9214
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The paper considers friendship as literary model in the legend of St Aurelius by the Benedictine abbot Williram of Ebersberg (around 1070). By elaborating on the friendship of Aurelius with Dionysius and Ambrosius, key figures of the anti-Arian orthodoxy of the 4th century, Williram provides the little known saint with a model life as confessor and doctor. Additionally, the topic of friendship in the legend connects it with the reform network in which it was written: It was commissioned by abbot Wilhelm of Hirsau, one of the most prominent figures of the monastic reform of the 11th century, and shows parallels to the Vita of St Magnus of Füssen by Otloh of St Emmeram, another legend featuring monastic reform and dedicated to Wilhelm.
NotesPapers in Honour of Nigel F. Palmer. Edited by Almut Suerbaum and Annnette Volfing
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