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  2. Jamie Allen
Performer(s)/Choreographer(s)Allen J, Kazuhiro J, Perich T, Gupta K, Chung-Han Y, Stearns P, Ito A
Publication type Performance
VenueMultiple (International)
LocationAmsterdam, Vienna, New York City, Baltimore, Washington DC
Source Publication DateNov 2010 - May 2011
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The term “audio-visual” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The multimedia gallery installation artist and the video-jockey in a dance club have developed techniques that begin with the desire to fuse visual and audible experience. In recent and international performance practice, we recognize a move towards the use of material, non-representational approaches to this impulse. “In a world of ever more powerful technology, it [is] downright inspiring to experience the sort of communication that [can] be accomplished with a simple on-off switch.” – Marc Weidenbaum, disquiet.comMLB is a project which brings together a set of contemporary performance artists with an interest in the possibilities of minimal and maximal use of white light and noise aesthetics. Hosted by STEIM ( and organized by Jamie Allen (, the project is firstly an ensemble performance project featuring a collection of conceptual noise/white-light performance works together for the first time, live. Further, the project will culminate in a body of research, highlighting and documenting the approaches and motivations of an emerging and radical performance form.
Media of OutputPerformance, online materials, audio and video recordings
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