Reusing Qualitative Data to Generate Theory: Reflections on ‘Working at the Margins’

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  2. Dr Sharron Kuznesof
Author(s)Kuznesof S
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference NameReflective Marketing in a Material World: Academy of Marketing annual conference
Conference LocationRobert Gordon University, Aberdeen
Year of Conference2008
Source Publication Date8th-10th July 2008
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This paper intends to contribute to the Academy of Marketing conference ‘Reflective Marketing in a Material World’ debate on ‘how to research issues of relevance’ by discussing the theory generating opportunities presented in the secondary analysis of qualitative data. The paper reviews the rationale and critiques of reanalysing qualitative data and discusses analytical commitments involved in the theory generating approach ‘grounded theory’. A worked example of the process of developing a grounded theory based upon data generated in six separate focus group studies facilitated by NVivo7 is presented. Reflections upon the mechanics of employing these analytical processes (secondary analysis, grounded theory and NVivo) are provided. Although these activities are largely at the periphery of marketing research, the paper argues that there may be some merit in developing marketing theory by ‘working at the margins’.