Environmental Effects on the Photophysics of Transition Metal Complexes with Dipyrido[2,3-a:3',2'-c]phenazine (dppz) and Related Ligands

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  2. Andrew McKinley
  3. Dr Eimer Tuite
Author(s)McKinley AW, Lincoln P, Tuite EM
Publication type Review
JournalCoordination Chemistry Reviews
ISSN (print)0010-8545
ISSN (electronic)1873-3840
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This review primarily covers studies of ruthenium(II) complexes with the dppz (dipyrido[2,3-a:3',2'-c]phenazine) ligand; in solution, in polymers and surfactant/lipid media, and when bound to DNA. Related studies with other transition metals, and with extended ligands that can form bimetallic as well as monometallic complexes are discussed. The review focuses on photophysics of these complexes with particular attention devoted to the nature of the excited states that give rise to emission, their dependence on solvent environment, and the behaviour of the complexes as luminscent probes for DNA.
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