Quantitative Fitness Analysis Shows That NMD Proteins and Many Other Protein Complexes Suppress or Enhance Distinct Telomere Cap Defects

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  2. Dr Stephen Addinall
  3. Eva-Maria Holstein
  4. Dr Conor Lawless
  5. Dr Min Yu
  6. Dr Kaye Chapman
  7. Dr Andrew Banks
  8. Dr Greg Ngo
  9. Dr Laura Maringele
  10. Morgan Taschuk
  11. Adam Ciesiolka
  12. Dr Allyson Lister
  13. Professor Anil Wipat
  14. Professor Darren Wilkinson
  15. Professor David Lydall
Author(s)Addinall SG, Holstein EM, Lawless C, Yu M, Chapman K, Banks AP, Ngo HP, Maringele L, Taschuk M, Young A, Ciesiolka A, Lister AL, Wipat A, Wilkinson DJ, Lydall D
Publication type Article
JournalPLoS Genetics
ISSN (print)1553-7390
ISSN (electronic)1553-7404
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PublisherPublic Library of Science
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