Discourses of 'Krizis': Economic Crisis in Russia and Regime Legitimacy

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  2. Dr Valentina Feklyunina
Author(s)Feklyunina V, White S
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics
ISSN (print)1352-3279
ISSN (electronic)1743-9116
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By the time Vladimir Putin left presidential office in early 2008, the claim to power by the Russian authorities had been increasingly based on performance legitimacy. Thefinancial and economic crisis that began to extend to Russia in late 2008 represented a major challenge for the Putin and Medvedev ‘tandem’. Several narratives whichsuggest different assessments of the causes of the crisis and its significance for Russia were presented in official discourse by sections of the political elite during theyears 2008–10 in an attempt to avoid a possible deficit in the regime’s legitimacy.
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