The design and prototyping of a lightweight crashworthy rail vehicle driver's cab

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  2. Dr Joe Carruthers
  3. Conor O'Neill
  4. Dr Stephen Ingleton
  5. Professor Mark Robinson
  6. Marzio Grasso
  7. Professor John Roberts
Author(s)Carruthers J, O'Neill C, Ingleton S, Robinson M, Grasso M, Roberts J, Prockat J, Simmonds G
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name9th World Congress on Railway Research
Conference LocationLille, France
Year of Conference2011
Legacy Date22-26 May 2011
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This paper describes the design, validation and prototyping of a lightweight crashworthy rail vehicle driver’s cab using advanced composite sandwich materials. By exploiting the lightweighting, energy absorption and design integration benefits of composites, an innovative modular cab structure was developed that provides significant savings in mass, cost and part count compared to conventional cab designs.