Bramble Briars and Beams of the Sun

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  2. Dr Vic Gammon
Author(s)Gammon V
Publication type Digital or Visual Media
Source Publication Date1 August 2011
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This is a 28k words booklet that accompanies the double CD of 1950s recordings Bramble Briars and Beams of the Sun: Traditional English Ballads sung by A L Lloyd. In the work I discuss A L Lloyd's relationship to the traditional ballad, his characteristics and qualities as a singer, the significance and importance of F J Child's The English and Scottish Popular Ballads and its relationship to Lloyd's work. There are then short essays on each of the 33 ballads in the collection. These pieces give a general introduction to the ballad, say something of the scholarship that relates to the ballad, give an indication of the distribution of the collected versions of the ballad, say something of the sources that Lloyd used and comment on the nature of Lloyd’s performance of the song.
PublisherFellside Recordings
Place PublishedWorkington, Cumbria
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