Generating employee engagement in a public-private partnership: management communication activities and employee experiences

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  2. Dr Stefanie Reissner
  3. Dr Victoria Pagan
Author(s)Reissner SC, Pagan V
Publication type Article
JournalInternational Journal of Human Resource Management
ISSN (print)0958-5192
ISSN (electronic)1466-4399
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Much of existing research on employee engagement is deficient in examining organizational actors’ lived experiences of organizational engagement activities. This article, deriving from qualitative research in a public-private partnership organization, contributes to the current understanding of how employee engagement is generated through management communication activities seeking to promote engagement and employees’ responses thereto. Drawing also on the literatures on organizational change, communication and culture, our research demonstrates that (1) managers use both directive and discursive means of communication to create an environment in which employees may wish to engage and (2) employees respond positively to such communication as it makes them feel valued and involved, which enhances their propensity to engage with the organization. However, contrary to widespread assumptions in the literature, the generation of employee engagement is far from straightforward; employees have an active role to participate in the engagement activities offered by managers.
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