Linking road casualty and clinical data to assess the effectiveness of mobile safety enforcement cameras: a before and after study

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  2. Dr Neil Thorpe
  3. Dr Lee Fawcett
Author(s)Thorpe N, Fawcett L
Publication type Article
JournalBMJ Open
ISSN (electronic)2044-6055
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Mobile speed cameras are probably the single most controversial road safety measure of the past 15 years. Their use has increased significantly in the UK since the mid-1990s in the drive to reducing death and injury on our roads. Although extremely successful at raising revenue from speeding motorists through fines, the effectiveness of mobile cameras at reducing casualties has been has been hotly debated at considerable length. Cameras aim to change the speed profile of traffic at collision hotspots to reduce the number and severity of casualties. This in turn impacts on the demand for secondary healthcare in terms of treating the victims of collisions. Using a recently developed analytical approach, this study seeks to quantify the financial savings (or otherwise) to the UK National Health Service of changes in the nature and extent of casualties at mobile speed camera sites, using a case study from the North East of England, UK.
PublisherBMJ Group
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