Phonetic and Phonological Investigation of the Fifth Liquid in Malayalam: Evidence for Rhotic Characteristics

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  2. Reenu Punnoose
  3. Dr Ghada Khattab
Author(s)Punnoose R, Khattab G
Editor(s)Lee, W.S., Zee, E.
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name17th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences
Conference LocationHong Kong
Year of Conference2011
Source Publication Date17-21 August 2011
Sponsor(s)Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong
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As part of its liquid inventory, Malayalam has two rhotics, two laterals and a fifth liquid which has been called an ‘r-sound’ by some researchers and a lateral by others. This paper presents findings on the phonetic and phonological nature of the fifth liquid in Malayalam, which has never been the subject of experimental research before. Results show that this sound has the phonetic characteristics of a clear post-alveolar central approximant, therefore suggesting that Malayalam has a third rhotic. Interestingly, however, its phonological behaviour displays patterns that are typical of other retroflex rather than of alveolar sounds in the language. An extrinsic phonetic interpretation of phonology is suggested to account for the results.