Teachers’ resilience and well-being: a role for educational psychology

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  2. Dr Simon Gibbs
Author(s)Gibbs S, Miller A
Publication type Article
JournalTeachers and Teaching : Theory and Practice
ISSN (print)1354-0602
ISSN (electronic)1470-1278
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In this paper we contend that an understanding of teachers’ attributions and efficacy beliefs should provide a basis of support for teachers who are concerned about their ability to manage children’s classroom behaviour. We outline findings from research that has examined teachers’ attributions for the causes of children’s misbehaviour, teachers’ beliefs in their efficacy as classroom managers of children’s behaviour as well as how, in principle, such beliefs may be supported and enhanced. We also relate these findings to those associated with educational and developmental outcomes for children. We conclude with some illustrative evidence (from consultation and interventions with teachers) of ways that applied psychologists have contributed to the professional well-being and resilience of teachers.
NotesThe paper follows the lead author's participation in a series of ESRC Seminars ('An inter-disciplinary inquiry into the nature of resilience in teachers: Retention and effectiveness in times of change') hosted by the Universities of Nottingham and Oxford.
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