Global network reorganization during dynamic adaptations of Bacillus subtilis metabolism

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  2. Professor Colin Harwood
  3. Dr Susanne Pohl
Author(s)Buescher JM, Liebermeister W, Jules M, Uhr M, Muntel J, Botella E, Hessling B, Kleijn RJ, Le Chat L, Lecointe F, Mäder U, Nicolas P, Piersma S, Rügheimer F, Becher D, Bessieres P, Bidnenko E, Denham EL, Dervyn E, Devine KM, Doherty G, Drulhe S, Felicori L, Fogg M, Goelzer A, Hansen A, Harwood CR, Hecker M, Hubner S, Hultschig C, Jarmer H, Klipp E, Leduc A, Lewis P, Molina F, Noirot P, Peres S, Pigeonneau N, Pohl S, Rasmussen S, Rinn B, Schaffer M, Schnidder J, Schwikowski B, Van Dijl JM, Veiga P, Walsh S, Wilkinson AJ, Stelling J, Aymerich S, Sauer U
Publication type Article
ISSN (print)0036-8075
ISSN (electronic)1095-9203
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Bacteria adapt to environmental stimuli by adjusting their transcriptomes in a complex manner, the full potential of which has yet to be established for any individual bacterial species. Here we report the transcriptomes of B. subtilis exposed to a wide range of environmental and nutritional conditions that it might encounter. Transcription units (TUs) were comprehensively mapped and 2935 promoters were grouped into regulons controlled by various RNA polymerase sigma factors accounting for ~66% of the observed variance in transcriptional activity. This global classification of promoters and detailed description of TUs revealed that a large proportion of the detected antisense RNAs arose from potentially spurious initiation by alternative sigma factors and from imperfect control of transcription termination. 0 0 1 122 700 Cell and Molecular Biosciences 5 1 821 14.0 Normal 0 false false false FR JA X-NONE
PublisherAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
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