Rural Communities and Pervasive Advertising

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  2. Dr Nick Taylor
  3. Dr Keith Cheverst
Author(s)Taylor N, Cheverst K
Editor(s)Müller, J., Alt, F., Michelis, D.
Publication type Book Chapter
Book TitlePervasive Advertising
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Digital signage is most commonly seen in urban environments targetinglarge groups of viewers. We believe that there is also a role for pervasive technologyin smaller communities, including in rural areas that are typically late to receive thebenefits of new technologies. This chapter describes a recent pervasive advertisingdisplay deployed in Wray, a village in North West England, which was developedwith the involvement of community members and evaluated ‘in the wild’. Ourresearch contributes an exploration of rural communities as a site for pervasive digitalsignage, including our experiences relating to the design of the display and findingsrelating to its use in the community.
Place PublishedBerlin
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