Classifying Boolean Nets for Region-based Synthesis

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  2. Professor Maciej Koutny
  3. Dr Marta Koutny
Author(s)Kleijn J, Koutny M, Pietkiewicz-Koutny M, Rozenberg G
Editor(s)Desel, J., Yakovlev, A.
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference NameART-2011, Applications of Region Theory
Conference LocationNewcastle upon Tyne
Year of Conference2011
Source Publication Date21 June 2011
Series TitleCEUR Workshop Proceedings
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Reaction systems are a formal frameworkfor the investigationof processes carried by biochemical reactions.Recently, we investigated ways of modelling reaction systemswithin the domain of Petri nets. This has led to theintroduction a new class of Petri nets, called set-nets,which provide a faithful and elegant computationalmodel matching very closely that exhibited by reaction systems.The key difference between standard Petri nets and set-nets is thatthe former support multiset-based token arithmetic, whereas the lattersupport set-based (or Boolean) operations on tokens.In this paper, we investigate the synthesis problem for set-nets.We do so by showing that the new kind of nets can be treatedwithin the general theory of net synthesis. We also use this as anopportunity to classify a full variety of Boolean nets, generalisingset-nets and their Boolean operations on tokens.We add to the existing theory of net synthesis a detailed studyof connection monoids for Boolean nets which allow us tocapture not only the step semantics of nets but also structural conflictsbetween transitions in Boolean nets.
PublisherCEUR-WS, RWTH Aachen University