Eine imaginäre Reise nach Jerusalem. Der Geographische Traktat des Erhart Groß

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  2. Professor Henrike Laehnemann
Author(s)Laehnemann H
Editor(s)Bauschke, R., Coxon, S., Jones, M.
Publication type Book Chapter
Book TitleSehen und Sichtbarkeit in der deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters. XXI. Anglo-German Colloquium London 2009
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The 'Geographic Treatise' (1436) by the Nuremberg Carthusian monk Erhart Groß describes in detail the route to the Holy Land. Groß compiled the information from scholarly literature and oral sources with the explicit aim to allow a mental pilgimage for those who cannot see the sacred places "with their bodily eyes". He develops an early form of "mental mapping" to help the reader visulise the places and their significance. This allows to assess the importance of the concept of 'imaginatio' for devotional literature. The appendix to the chapter presents the first edition of key passages of this seminal treatise which has the rare fortune to survive in an autograph copy.
Place PublishedBerlin
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