Synthetic magnetohydrodynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates and routes to vortex nucleation

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  2. Dr Nicholas Parker
Author(s)Taylor LB, van Bijnen RMW, O'Dell DHJ, Parker NG, Kokkelmans SJJMF, Martin AM
Publication type Article
JournalPhysical Review A
ISSN (print)0556-2791
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Engineering of synthetic magnetic flux in Bose-Einstein condensates [ Lin et al. Nature (London) 462 628 (2009)] has prospects for attaining the high vortex densities necessary to emulate the fractional quantum Hall effect. We analytically establish the hydrodynamical behavior of a condensate in a uniform synthetic magnetic field, including its density and velocity profile. Importantly, we find that the onset of vortex nucleation observed experimentally corresponds to a dynamical instability in the hydrodynamical solutions and reveal other routes to instability and anticipated vortex nucleation.
PublisherAmerican Physical Society
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