Organization and Management of an Innovative Intensive Programme in Rail Logistics

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  2. Dr Marin Marinov
Author(s)Marinov M, Ricci S
Publication type Article
JournalProcedia-Social and Behavioral Journal
ISSN (print)1877-0428
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In this paper we present an intensive programme in rail logistics that will be organized and delivered in Newcastle University in the summer of 2012. The intensive programme employs an innovative multidisciplinary blended approach that combines a number of learning methods, such as: Lectures; Project-based learning; and Technical Visits as well as Thematic Seminars. We will work with approx. fifty undergraduate students and twenty professors in railway, transport and logistics from different locations from Europe. The targeted learning outcomes are to develop the undergraduate student's ability to initiate and carry out analysis, research, seminars and workshops with the purpose of solving railway and logistics-related problems.
PublisherElsevier BV
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