Anatomy of resistance in a partnership workspace

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  2. Dr Stefanie Reissner
  3. Dr Victoria Pagan
Author(s)Reissner SC, Pagan V
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name7th Organization Studies Summer Workshop: Organizations as spaces of work
Conference LocationRhodes, Greece
Year of Conference2012
Source Publication Date24-26 May 2012
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In this paper, we examine organizational actors’ responses to a new partnership work space, specifically looking at manifestations of resistance in the language of interviewees. We explore the effects of these responses on the construction of the partnership organization’s socio-cultural space, in which all organizational actors play a part. Resistance is not characterized within a negative paradigm; rather, it is part of the normal range of responses as organizational actors negotiate their work place practice. We conclude that construction of the organization’s socio-cultural space is constituted by organizational actors’ past and present lived experiences which coexist and compete to negotiate, through a lens of resistance, the new partnership context.