The involvement of children and young people in research within the criminal justice area

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  2. Dr Jill Clark
  3. Karen Laing
Author(s)Clark J, Laing K
Publication type Report
TypeDiscussion Paper
Series TitleAHRC Connected Communities programme: Scoping Reviews
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Executive Summary This review focuses on the evidence of participation of children and young people (CYP) in, and with, criminal justice research. This review has identified the current position of CYP in research into the criminal justice system in the UK, and suggested a model of justification for involving them. The evidence shows that there has been a genuine progression over the last decade in terms of ensuring the participation of CYP. Participatory research would seem an effective way of ensuring CYP can challenge negative perceptions, stimulate change and become visible in a positive manner. Any research involving CYP needs to be clear in its focus and purpose, and provide opportunities for CYP to engage in a meaningful and relevant way, in order that it can enhance their well-being and be mutually beneficial. In this way CYP can become active and empowered citizens in their own communities and beyond. On the basis of the evidence we recommend that researchers examine their motives carefully, work in partnership to share knowledge and skills, and collect evidence from CYP about ‘when’ it is appropriate to involve young people in research, and ‘which’ young people.
InstitutionNewcastle upon Tyne
Place PublishedNewcastle University
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