A framework for using mobile computing for information management on construction sites

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  2. Yuan Chen
  3. Dr John Kamara
Author(s)Chen Y, Kamara JM
Publication type Article
JournalAutomation in Construction
ISSN (print)0926-5805
ISSN (electronic)1872-7891
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The application of mobile computing in construction is becoming a major research theme in the domain of Information Technology in Construction. However, most research in this area focuses on a detailed aspect or single facet of a mobile computing technology. This paper introduces a framework for the implementation of mobile computing on construction sites, which comprises an application model and a technical model. The application model identifies the features of mobile computing, construction personnel, construction information, and construction sites, and explores the interactions that are likely to affect the implementation of mobile computing. The technological model generalizes mobile computing technologies and gives system designers a clear structure for designing mobile computing systems from a technical perspective. Finally, a case study of a real construction situation is used to validate this framework.
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