SAFB1 and SAFB2 mediated transcriptional repression: relevance in cancer

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  2. Elaine Hong
  3. Dr Hannah Gautrey
  4. Professor David Elliott
  5. Dr Alison Tyson-Capper
Author(s)Hong EA, Gautrey HL, Elliott DJ, Tyson-Capper AJ
Publication type Review
JournalBiochemical Society Transactions
ISSN (print)0300-5127
ISSN (electronic)1470-8752
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Scaffold attachment factor B1 (SAFB1) and a second family member, SAFB2 are multifunctional proteins implicated in a variety of cellular processes including cell growth, apoptosis and stress response. Their potential function as tumour suppressors have been put forward based on well-described roles in transcriptional repression. This review summarises the current knowledge of SAFB1 and SAFB2 in transcriptional repression with relevance to cancer.
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