Interface Contracts for Architectural Specification and Assessment: a SysML Extension

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  2. Dr Richard Payne
  3. Professor John Fitzgerald
Author(s)Payne RJ, Fitzgerald JS
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference NameWorkshop on Dependable Systems of Systems
Conference LocationYork, UK
Year of Conference2011
Source Publication Date5-6 September 2011
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Projects developing, assessing or maintaining systems of sys- tems (SoSs) are hampered by the difficulty of gaining con- fidence that a particular architecture will indeed achieve global SoS-level requirements. Recording explicit techni- cal contracts at the boundaries of constituent systems could help with with the complex task of determining whether a candidate architecture respects global properties and the po- tential of the verification of SoS-level properties, including non-functional characteristics. Support for such contracts in current architectural description frameworks is limited. We propose and demonstrate an extension to SysML that allows contracts to be recorded at the boundaries of con- stituent systems within SoS models. Such contracts may be expressed at various levels of rigour, from informal notes to formal specifications. The extension is intended to support substitution of constituent systems, as well as description of both functional and non-functional properties.