A widespread family of bacterial cell wall assembly proteins

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  2. Dr Yoshikazu Kawai
  3. Dr Jon Marles-Wright
  4. Dr Robert Cleverley
  5. Dr Robyn Emmins
  6. Nadja Heinz
  7. Dr Nhat Khai Bui
  8. Christopher Hoyland
  9. Professor Rick Lewis
  10. Professor Waldemar Vollmer
  11. Dr Richard Daniel
  12. Professor Jeff Errington
Author(s)Kawai Y, Marles-Wright J, Cleverley RM, Emmins R, Ishikawa S, Kuwano M, Heinz N, Bui NK, Hoyland CN, Ogasawara N, Lewis RJ, Vollmer W, Daniel RA, Errington J
Publication type Article
JournalEMBO Journal
ISSN (print)0261-4189
ISSN (electronic)1460-2075
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PublisherNature Publishing Group
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