Simulation modelling to analyse the current level of utilisation of sections along a rail route

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  2. Clare Woroniuk
  3. Dr Marin Marinov
Author(s)Woroniuk C, Marinov M
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Transport Literature
ISSN (print)2177-1065
ISSN (electronic)2238-1031
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This research aims to assess the level of utilisation of sections along a rail route by employing a series of simulation models. For the purposes of this research a multi method approach has been implemented which includes data collection, data analysis, modelling, model exploitation, measures of system performance and conclusion. Analytical methods and concepts in the study of railway freight lines and networks are presented. Specifically the simulation models employed in this research have been implemented to study the rail route from Silla to Castellbisbal. The models suggest that the current rate of utilisation is rather poor, therefore different scenarios based on changes in traffic rules have been generated and the results obtained from these scenarios analysed. This paper concludes that it is possible to significantly increase the level of utilisation along the rail route from the current scenario.
PublisherRede de Pesquisas em Transportes
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