A supply-demand study of practice in rail logistics higher education

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  2. Dr Marin Marinov
  3. Dr Anna Fraszczyk
  4. Tom Zunder
  5. Dr Jorn Schlingensiepen
Author(s)Marinov M, Fraszczyk A, Zunder T, Rizzetto L, Ricci S, Todorova M, Dzhaleva A, Karagyozov K, Trendafilov Z, Schlingensiepen J
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Transport Literature
ISSN (print)2177-1065
ISSN (electronic)2238-1031
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This paper includes a study conducted to analyse the current state of supply and demand for higher education in rail logistics. More specifically the study presented consists of two surveys, as follows. The first survey, Supply Survey, explores existing transport and logistics-related courses and educational programmes offered in higher education institutions. The second survey, Demand Survey, examines demands for rail logistics higher education and aims to understand the current needs for higher education in the sector. This paper shows that a spectrum of rail, freight transport and logistics related courses and programmes exist, however there is a strong need for a more specific training and education offering operations management skills needed to improve the company performance, efficiency and quality of service provided.
PublisherRede de Pesquisas em Transportes
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