AIMview: a visualization system and STEM simulator for users of the AIMpro density functional electronic structure program

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  2. Dr Jerry Hagon
  3. Professor Patrick Briddon
Programmer(s)Hagon JP, Briddon PR
Publication type Software
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AIMview ia a visualization and STEM simulation program for use with the AIMpro ab-initio electronic structure program. AIMview is generally available free of charge to all users of AIMpro. It is written primarily using the OpenDX visual programming language although some plug-in modules are written in C. It requires the open-source visualization software OpenDX to run. (OpenDX was formerly IBM Data Explorer). AImview produces very high quality 1-d, 2-d and 3-d data plots and allows fine control over many display parameters such as the thickness and opacity of mesh lines in 3D and has features such as data-dependent opacity not often seen in more common quantum chemistry visualization systems.
NotesAIMview is used in several institutions in the UK, Europe and North Africa.
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